May 28 2010

I Did Mine, Did You Do Yours?

Categories: 2010 SBOUC Dave Rathbun @ 1:48 am

I initially had some difficulty coming up with ideas to submit for the fall BusinessObjects conference, but I did eventually come up with a few. I was really hoping to get a pre-release copy of XI 4.0 to play with so I could talk about some of the really cool new universe stuff, but that didn’t happen. Once I got over that disappointment I decided there were still some interesting things to say about our current technology. Besides, I imagine that quite a few companies will not upgrade to XI 4.0 for quite a few years anyway.

I submitted to the Universe track as well as the Webi/Deski track this year. Those are my primary areas of interest and therefore the subjects I most enjoy speaking about.

If you haven’t submitted any ideas yet, there are still a few days left! Take an hour out of your weekend and see what you can come up with. If you get accepted to speak you don’t have to pay to attend the conference. As Jamie said:

Did you know that speakers at #SBOUC get free admission. That’s like making $1,000/hr. Go submit an abstract. #ASUG #BOBJ
10:40 AM May 19th

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4 Responses to “I Did Mine, Did You Do Yours?”

  1. Comment by ryan gordon

    Glad to hear you submitted abstracts, Dave. I always make it a habit to check out at least one of your sessions each year.

    I submitted my first ever abstract about InfoView customization without modifying InfoView files. Setting global/group preferences are also included. I’ve seen both topics repeatedly surface on BOB so I hope I am selected.

  2. Comment by Jamie Oswald

    I was afraid I wasn’t going to get my second annual Dagira . Now that’s out of the way I can spend the next 7 months plotting for next year!

  3. Comment by Dave Rathbun

    Ryan, glad to have you aboard. :) I always tell people that everybody has something to share, it’s just getting that “first time” out of the way that bugs some folks. Good luck with your submission.

  4. Comment by Gabe Orthous

    Dear King of the Universe: I cant wait to see your presentation… I’ll even put money down and bet you will get chosen to present ;-)

    If your brain juices are still flowing on the topic… please consider non-traditional universe connections, e.g. IBM Cube views and MSAS.

    See you soon my friend.

    Gabe (only Chilean in ASUG ;-)

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