May 20 2010

SAPPHIRE / ASUG Annual Conference Wrap Up

Categories: 2010 Annual Conference / SAPPHIRE Dave Rathbun @ 9:54 pm

I’m home after an uneventful flight. (I assume it was uneventful, I slept most of the way.) The last bit of fun was a concert from Carlos Santana. During the concert he started talking about “consciousness” and he really extended the sound of the “s” at the end of the word. Then he paused, said “A”, paused, and wound up with a “P” at the end. Ssssss…. A…. P…. you can see what he did there. :P

Oh, and I got a tweet displayed on the jumbotron during the pre-concert activities! :-D

As with last year the in-memory technology was getting a lot of mentions. This time they’re taking it beyond reporting and starting to talk about embedding it within the application itself. One example given was for the planning applications. Instead of having to plan at a weekly level and wait for the application to crunch numbers, go ahead and load everything into memory and run your planning app at the daily level. Instant response. From a forecast / planning perspective I can see where this would be attractive, as planners always seem to want as much data as they can possibly get.

Last word: Desktop Intelligence wasn’t showing up anywhere, and everyone I talked to that would have reason to know was saying that it’s gone as of XI 4.0.

Time to start making plans for our own (BusinessObjects) conference this fall. Have you submitted your abstracts yet? I have a post coming up early next week with some ideas on how to improve your chances of being selected to speak.

4 Responses to “SAPPHIRE / ASUG Annual Conference Wrap Up”

  1. Comment by Miss Universum

    Hi, do you have any idea when XI 4.0 will be released? Thanks, MU.

  2. Comment by Dave Rathbun

    SAP doesn’t do “releases” like BusinessObjects did. They start out with what they call a “ramp up” period where they start with a small group of customers and gradually work their way up to a full release. The odds of that happening in 2010 is becoming less likely as I don’t think they have even started the beta testing program yet. I suspect we’re looking at 2011 for XI 4.0 to become generally available.

  3. Comment by Miss Universum ;-)

    ah ok, thank you for the clarification! :-)

  4. Comment by Andreas

    Nice news, keep it up.
    So from what you have seen, what will be the most interesting product (front-end and backend) in the next year or so?

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