Apr 27 2010

Attending ASUG Annual Conference / SAPPHIRE

Categories: Conferences Dave Rathbun @ 8:57 am

I am confirmed for the ASUG Annual Conference / SAPPHIRE next month in Orlando. It’s such a small conference, if you’re going I’m sure I will see you there. ;)

There have been quite a few questions about shortcut joins on BOB recently. I’ve finished a post on how and when to use that technique (and when not to) and it should be out shortly.

Apr 15 2010

Upcoming ASUG Webcasts for April, 2010

Categories: General Dave Rathbun @ 12:21 pm

I got my reminder email from ASUG this morning about upcoming webcasts. There is one particular session that I have some interest in because I’m frequently asked the very same question. When do I use a particular tool?

I’m also pleased to say that earlier this week we integrated the ASUG event calendar with BOB. Twice a day the BOB server will poll the ASUG server and retrieve an updated listing of events and post them to the BOB calendar. So if you’re a visitor to BOB you can quickly and easily see what’s coming up with ASUG. The ASUG calendar is open for public viewing so you can get full details on the events that interest you. You will have to register (join) to be able to participate, but it does help being able to see the topics ahead of time and determine how valuable they are for you.

Continue reading “Upcoming ASUG Webcasts for April, 2010″

Apr 08 2010

North Texas/Oklahoma ASUG Chapter Meeting April 16

Categories: ASUG Chapters Dave Rathbun @ 11:22 pm

I’m going to be attending (and speaking at) the next North Texas/Oklahoma Chapter ASUG quarterly meeting later this month (April 16th to be exact). A couple of interesting and/or exciting things will be happening there that I want to preview. I don’t count myself as part of the “exciting” part; I will be reprising my session from the GBN conference last fall on recursive data models for universes. I hope to have everything updated to XI 3.1 prior to the session so I will at least be on the current release.

What is exciting is that this meeting will serve as the formal launch for the SAP BusinessObjects Ambassador program. Continue reading “North Texas/Oklahoma ASUG Chapter Meeting April 16″

Apr 03 2010

Call For Papers For Fall Conference Opens Next Week

Categories: 2010 SBOUC Dave Rathbun @ 7:19 am

On April 5 we can start submitting ideas (abstracts) for the fall conference. This year we’re not going to Dallas! :-D The conference this year is October 4th through 7th and is located in Orlando, Florida. The host hotel is the Dolphin Hotel which is very near Walt Disney World. I have stayed at other hotels nearby, but never at the Dolphin (or the sister hotel the Swan). I’m looking forward to the opportunity to go.

The tracks topics this year are probably fairly predictable… there will once again be a track on Xcelsius, on Explorer, as well as old standards like Universe Design, Crystal, and Web Intelligence.

I hope to see a lot more about XI 4.0 too. 8-)

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Apr 02 2010

Virtual Teradata Progress Report

Categories: Virtual Machines Dave Rathbun @ 7:48 am

Yesterday I wrote a post about finding a virtual machine image for Teradata 13 that I could download and play with. I somewhat optimistically said the following:

I can get up and running with a “play” Teradata system in just a few minutes.

It turns out that was very optimistic. I finally did get the VM up and running, but it was far from a few minutes. Continue reading “Virtual Teradata Progress Report”

Apr 01 2010

Virtual Teradata

Categories: Virtual Machines Dave Rathbun @ 9:34 am

While researching a Teradata syntax question earlier this morning, I discovered that I can download a virtual machine with Teradata 13 (or 12) that will run on my laptop.

The best part about this is I already have the VMware server up and running. Once I complete the download of the TD image (it’s about 4GB for the 1TB Teradata installation, or 2.3GB for a 40GB Teradata configuration) I can get up and running with a “play” Teradata system in just a few minutes. How cool is that? 8-)

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