Oct 19 2007

Conference Presentations

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I have been selected as a presenter at the Business Objects conferences hosted in the United States every year from 1996 through 2009. I consider it quite an honor to be selected year after year as I assume it means that I am doing something right. I have started posting my most recent presentations here on my blog and as I have time hope to work my way backward to post stuff from previous years as well. The most current presentations will always be on the top of the list.

As of the 2009 GBN conference I am going to try to start including links to related posts. A “related post” is one where I have taken a series of slides from a presentation and written up a blog post about that part of the presentation. It’s almost like being there to hear me talk, but without the bad puns and terrible jokes. ;) If there aren’t any related posts listed it means I have not written them yet, or perhaps I have not had the time to go back through and index them here.

SAP Insider BI 2012 Conference – Las Vegas

SAP BusinessObjects User Conference 2011 – Orlando (SBOUC)

Twitter hashtag #SBOUC

  • Building a Data Warehouse: Data Modeling (303KB zip)
    Additional Credit
    Werner Daehn gets credit for most of this presentation as he pulled the majority of the information together. I added a few slides and delivered the presentation at the conference. This session was the first of a conference-long continued subject that was intended to show the complete process, starting with modeling and ETL and going all the way through to final report delivery.

  • Designer Essentials (574KB zip)
    Related Posts
    In Progress

SAP BusinessObjects User Conference 2010 – Orlando (SBOUC)

Twitter hashtag #SBOUC

GBN Conference 2009 – Dallas

Both of the above presentations were also presented at the 2010 Mastering BusinessObjects conference in Melbourne, Australia.

GBN Conference 2008 – Dallas

Insight Americas 2007 – Orlando

Older presentations listed below will be posted as I get time.

Insight Americas 2006 – San Francisco

  • Under the Covers: Universe Designer in XI R2
  • Web Intelligence XI R2 Goodies
    Also presented at Insight Europe 2007

Insight Americas 2005 – Orlando

  • More Tips of the Universe Masters

Business Objects Americas 2004 – Dallas

  • BusinessObjects and WebIntelligence Reporting Essentials
  • Best of Variables

BONYMAUG 2004 – New York

Business Objects Americas 2003 – Phoenix

  • Even More Variables…

Business Objects Americas 2002 – Miami

  • MORE Variables and More

Business Objects Americas 2001 – Las Vegas

  • Variables and More… Fourth Edition
    This was and remains my highest-rated presentation. Ever.

Business Objects Americas 2000 – Washington, DC

  • Variables and More (Third Edition)

Business Objects Americas 1999 – San Diego

  • Advanced Universe Design

Business Objects Americas 1998 – Orlando

  • Variables and More Variables! … The Sequel

Business Objects Americas 1997 – New Orleans

  • Variables and More Variables!
    The first of a long series of fun tricks with the reporting tools…

Business Objects Americas 1996 – San Francisco

  • Extending the Power of Business Objects
    This session was based on 4.0 and used the original scripting language for a number of tricks. 4.1 replaced the original script language with VBA instead. As such, the code samples are no longer valid and this session will not be available for download.