Aug 04 2008

Introducing the Global Business Objects Network

Categories: GBN Dave Rathbun @ 8:28 am

The Business Objects Community Alliance is going to be rebranded as the Global Business Objects Network. There are various reasons for the change, some of which have to do with naming conflicts but mostly having to do with the desire to emphasize the independence from anything run by SAP. The new organization is going to be launched in a more formal fashion at the upcoming fall conference in October, but work has already started.

The new organization is going to exist along with but separate from the existing ASUG (Americas SAP User Group). Unlike ASUG, which is focused on the US, our goal is to attempt from the start to become a truly global organization. Thus, the name. :) Over the coming months I will probably be posting more about this as I have the honor to have been selected as one of the initial steering committee members. We had our first conference call on Friday and will be talking regularly over the coming weeks in order to best prepare for the more formal launch at the fall conference this October.

In keeping with my belief in being “open” (whether it is using and supporting open source software or open organizations like BOB) I plan to post updates on the process here on my blog. If anyone has questions or input, do please post a comment. I ask that you do this rather than email me directly so that my responses can also be in the open and any interested party can follow the conversation.

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