Dec 23 2009

Foodmart 2000 Universe Review – Part I: Introduction

Categories: Foodmart, Universe Design Dave Rathbun @ 1:54 pm

Earlier this year I attended SAP TechEd 2009. Many of their sessions were lecture only, but they also provided a number of two or four-hour hands-on sessions. I selected one specific session in order to learn about improvements in the process used to build universes against SAP data sources like BEx queries. But of course I could not leave it at that. :) I got to the session a bit early and started poking around on the laptop to see if I could get some hints as to what we were going to cover. While poking around I found a universe named “Foodmart” so I opened it. It was… interesting. Continue reading “Foodmart 2000 Universe Review – Part I: Introduction”