Oct 26 2007

Index Awareness Part I: The Basics

Categories: 2007 Insight Americas, Universe Design Dave Rathbun @ 4:26 pm

What is Index Awareness?

The first topic that I covered in my “Tales From a Universe Ninja” presentation at the 2007 Insight Americas conference was Index Awareness. I have to admit, this would probably not have been my first choice for a topic. I covered it on request from a member of the Universe Designer product team. As I went through this feature I found that much of what I remembered was still true even in XI R2. But I also found that in the right environment this feature could really help.

If you have downloaded a copy of my presentation then I am going to cover slides 10 through 16 in this blog post. Future blog posts will cover the rest of the material from the presentation. I believe that this feature was introduced in version 6.5 which means you must be at least at that version to be able to consider using it.

This feature is defined in the Universe Designer help file as follows:

Object keys allow Universe Designer to generate more efficient SQL by filtering on primary key values and eliminating unnecessary joins.

That’s great, but what does it mean?

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