Feb 22 2016

When Charts Go Bad…

Categories: Rants Dave Rathbun @ 4:16 pm

I was reading about the FBI versus Apple issue earlier today and came across this graphic:

Pie charts are viewed with anything from disdain to downright hatred at times. I don’t want to open a debate on that. But you would think for something as simple as this, they would have managed to get it right…

I emailed the author of the original article and hopefully they’ll get the picture fixed.

3 Responses to “When Charts Go Bad…”

  1. Comment by Joseph

    Well spotted! Even my 6 years old boy knows that 51% is more than half of the pie. I will check with him when he’ll be back from school.

  2. Comment by Yolande

    OMG Dave, This really made my morning. Best example why a pie chart is so awesome. Of course you have to do it right and use the right tool for the job. Great example of how not to do it. Glad to have found your blog. Y

  3. Comment by Mahboob Mohammed


    The author didn’t get it fixed yet. :-)

    Mahboob Mohammed

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