Feb 27 2013

Dagira Universe Compare Tool Bug Fix

Categories: VBA Tools Dave Rathbun @ 2:28 pm

A user recently commented that outer join settings were not being properly captured by my universe compare tool. It turns out there is a very simple fix. If you have previously downloaded a copy of the tool, simply open the VBA editor and find this section of code:

aColTypes(dsCharacterColumn) = "Character"
aColTypes(dsDateColumn) = "Date"
aColTypes(dsNullColumn) = "Null"
aColTypes(dsNumericColumn) = "Numeric"
aColTypes(dsTextColumn) = "Text"
aColTypes(dsUnknownColumn) = "Unknown"

Immediately after that (or after a blank line if you prefer) add these new lines of code:

aJoinTypes(dsFullOuter) = "Full Outer"
aJoinTypes(dsNoOuter) = "No Outer"
aJoinTypes(dsOuterLeft) = "Outer Left"
aJoinTypes(dsOuterRight) = "Outer Right"

That is the missing piece that was causing the compare tool to skip recording the outer join types.

I will update the downloadable version and upload it shortly. For now, this will fix the bug.