Jun 04 2012

Online Information Design Tool Tutorials

Categories: Universe Design Dave Rathbun @ 7:44 am

SAP has put out quite a few tutorials on the new Information Design Tool (IDT) in their new community. The table of contents includes topics like “Concept: Navigate the interface” and “Concept: Create a universe” to more detailed tasks such as “Create a data foundation based on a single source relational database” and “Create a shortcut join.” Altogether there are 133 video tutorials currently posted on YouTube. If you’re new to the IDT or are wondering how to do common tasks that you’re used to from the original universe design tool, these tutorials look like they will really help.

Note: at this point I have only watched a few of the videos, and the audio sounds computer generated. But if you don’t have access to training, or are familiar with universe design but aren’t clear where some of your favorite features went, they should prove very useful. Just skip the first 45-50 seconds to get past all of the introductory template stuff. 8-)

Official Product Tutorials – SAP BusinessObjects Information Design Tool

3 Responses to “Online Information Design Tool Tutorials”

  1. Comment by Judy Mulders

    Dave, thanks for publishing this link. Is it just me, or is the voiceover really annoying? Sounds like they hired a robot to do the audio. :)

  2. Comment by Dave Rathbun

    Yes, it does sound artificial. I mentioned that in the post. :)

  3. Comment by Mohan

    Thank you for posting this and all the other articles on your site; I’m a budding BO analyst and this really helps :)

    You might hear more from me in the weeks to come :D Cheers!

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