Dec 13 2011

The Beginning Of The End For Facebook?

Categories: Rants Dave Rathbun @ 9:59 am

Most of my friends know that I’m their friend in real life, not on Facebook. :) I’ve never joined that service, initially through lack of interest and later on through genuine concerns over their privacy issues and how much data people are seemingly willing to give up for a web site with, frankly, fairly minimal appeal, at least to me. I have also wondered in the past why corporations are so quick to give up control over their own content (replacing with MicroStrategy offers a social media plugin that can pull in Facebook data, and of course SAP offers various methods to acquire and process unstructured data via their text analytics options in their Data Services products.

But this morning I read an article from suggesting that we might be looking at the beginning of the end for Facebook. I am not going to summarize the article here, but I would like to run an informal poll.

If you are a member of Facebook, are you using it:

  • More now than you did last year?
  • Less now than you did last year?
  • About the same as what you did last year?

Please use the comment form below to enter your response.