Sep 14 2011

DSLayer Podcast Interview

Categories: General Dave Rathbun @ 4:39 pm

Eric Vallo and I sat down for a quick conversation here at TechEd, and the results will be up on their unstructured geeks page after he gets a chance to upload it. Fun stuff!

Edit: Post is up! Eric and I sure sound a lot alike, at least to me…

Sep 14 2011

Dagira Universe Compare Tool 2.0.0 Released

Categories: VBA Tools Dave Rathbun @ 3:57 pm

The long-awaited release of my universe compare tool has finally happened. :)

Get it here.

Please post any support questions on the release page, and not on this blog post. The page will remain a permanent link on the top of my blog, while this post will eventually roll off of the front page. I hope that the utility proves to be useful, and that the wait was worth it. 8-)