Aug 29 2011

Universe Compare Tool – How It Came To Be

Categories: VBA Tools Dave Rathbun @ 9:02 pm

At the 2010 SAP BusinessObjects User Conference (also known as SBOUC) I did a presentation titled, “Don’t Lose Control: Change Management Strategies for Universe Designers.” The slides from this presentation are available as a PDF download on my conference presentations page or via a link at the end of this post. I said I would post a download link last week; I didn’t yet. :oops: It took longer than I expected to write up the documentation that I felt was required prior to the release. Part of that documentation has been extracted and published as this post instead as I don’t expect everyone will care or need to know about the background as to how this utility came about. However, it was important to me, so I wrote it. :)

Which brings up the philosophical question: if a blogger writes a post and nobody reads it, does it make the sound of one hand clapping? Or something like that… Continue reading “Universe Compare Tool – How It Came To Be”