Jul 26 2011

HANA – By Any Other Name

Categories: HANA Dave Rathbun @ 2:02 pm

There has been some confusion around HANA the product, but also around HANA the name. Originally it was an acronym, but it isn’t anymore as detailed in this blog from SCN that clarifies just what HANA means as far as the product name goes.

Jul 19 2011

Still More HANA: Report from DFW ASUG Chapter Meeting

Categories: ASUG Chapters, HANA Dave Rathbun @ 8:58 pm

A few weeks ago I attended the quarterly meeting for the Dallas/Fort Worth ASUG chapter. I didn’t get to stay for the entire day, but I did get to hear the keynote by Dr. Jeffrey Word about HANA. The talk was less about the technical aspects of HANA and more about the genesis of the idea. He started with a very interesting comparison. It seems that HANA is SAP’s iPod. Continue reading “Still More HANA: Report from DFW ASUG Chapter Meeting”