May 10 2011

Call for Papers for Fall Business Objects Conference

Categories: Conferences Dave Rathbun @ 8:55 am

I’ve already tweeted and posted about this on BOB, but in case you don’t check either of those two venues, ASUG has opened a new site to collect abstract submissions for the fall Business Objects conference.

There was a question about the deadline for getting submissions in, and I will find that out and share it.

The event will be hosted once again at the Dolphin and Swan resorts at Walt Disney World. I really enjoyed my time there last year and am looking forward to another successful conference. Of course the success of the conference depends largely on the content, and the content is provided by the community. If you have a success story, please share. If you have a failure story, feel free to share that too. People like hearing both sides of a project.

Werner Daehn has started a topic on BOB that I have found very interesting… he has suggested that we do a series of sessions that will be a “soup to nuts” representation of a data warehouse implementation. Werner wrote:

Who wants to submit an abstractor as part of a consecutive series of “How to build a DWH” lectures?

I would come up with a nice source system and convert that into a Data Warehouse Star Schema in e.g. SQL Server database I provide to you. And then based on that Star Schema we can do our lectures with the different products.

The advantage would be that people who know one area, like Universe Designer, would see what can be done in other areas, e.g. what can be done in the ETL layer, the data modeler person will see the challenges an XCelsius developer has with a simple Star Schema. Simply provide the opportunity to “watch” the creation of an entire DWH within a couple of hours and attend the parts you are interested in.

If you’re interested, please log on to BOB and post your input in the topic.

See you in Orlando!

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2 Responses to “Call for Papers for Fall Business Objects Conference”

  1. Comment by Mir

    Hi Dave do you know if Linked Universes will no more be supported in BI 4.0and also i would like to know if .unv would become legacy like Desktop Intelligence going forward.


  2. Comment by Dave Rathbun

    Linked universes are no longer provided in BI 4.0. The unv format will still work with the various client tools in 4.0 but will not support any of the new features. I believe I read somewhere that the unv format is carried forward as a “bridge” in 4.0 to allow folks more time to get used to the new semantic layer, but eventually it will also be retired.

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