Feb 23 2011

Random Lunch Thoughts From BI Launch

Categories: General Dave Rathbun @ 1:16 pm

Network access has been sporadic at times so I’m going to post a few random observations from the morning sessions…

They showed BI content on lots of different mobile devices, including the Blackberry Torch, the Blackberry pad, and the Samsung Galaxy. Not much depth shown but we saw live content on all three. The most interesting mobile surprise to me was showing Web Intelligence on the iPad including gesture support.

One comment that I have heard more than once but without a lot of demonstration support is the “suite” concept. They have reviewed and redone the interface on Crystal and Web Intelligence so they look more like tools froomthe same vendor. Think of the Microsoft Office toolbar concept.

Ramp up continues, with rumors of GA by May. Just in time for the annual conference. :)

2 Responses to “Random Lunch Thoughts From BI Launch”

  1. Comment by Ron Keler

    The biggest problem i see at the moment with the mobile hype is Xcelsius. It has been a huge success for SAP/BO and with so many businesses and business people running around with iOS devices, relying on Flash is a major major headache for BO.

  2. Comment by Shamanth

    Yes. I was there at the NYC conference. SAP people mentioned that the query panel UI of Crystal, Web-I and Xcelsius will look same!
    On report analysis like table to chart conversions will be available in Mobile tools!!! Great!

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