Jan 27 2011

ASUG News (January 2011)

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There are several bits of ASUG news that I wanted to share, in case folks have missed them. First and foremost is the launch of the web site of the same name as this blog post: www.asugnews.com. The site is billed as an online magazine, but it’s not just content by members for members, they’ve hired a couple of recognized industry personages to write for the new site. The two dedicated writers are Thomas Wailgum and Courtney Bjorlin, and their biographies are summed up in Bridgette’s introductory post.

Thomas, formerly of CIO.com, brings more than 15 years of experience covering technology to ASUG. Courtney, formerly of SearchSAP.com, brings nearly a decade of reporting experience. They are award-winning reporters who understand the SAP ecosystem, and I am thrilled to have them leading ASUGnews.com.

I think this is an essential step forward for ASUG, in that it isn’t just a content aggregation of news and information that can be found elsewhere, but a portal for sharing new and unique content from dedicated resources.

My friend and fellow SAP Mentor Miko Yuk has helped launch the site with a blog post that I can certainly related to, titled, “SAP BusinessObjects in 2011: Top three questions from customers”

ASUG is also celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. Bridgette promises lots of interesting items to come. (Will there be cake?)

Finally, the annual (Spring) conference is just around the corner. My friend and co-worker (and Reportapalooza victor!) Brian Durning will be presenting. Check him (and many others) out if you attend, more details at www.sapandasug.com.

Jan 19 2011

Listen to the Sound of Silence

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With apologies to Rhymin’ Simon

Folks, I do apologize that I have not been posting much. I have a ton of backlog that I need to get through (and code to release) but sometimes real work takes over. The good news is that I’ve written a number of reports over the past month and a half that should prove to make for interesting blog posts, once I get time!