Oct 20 2010

SAP TechEd Day 2

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Here is a list of session from the BI track at SAP TechEd for today:

  • Drive Insight to Action with Superior Extension Capability
  • Building a Statistics Cockpit Using SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer to Proactively Monitor SAP NetWeaver BW Usage and Performance
  • ASUG Influence: Introducing SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis
  • Best Practices and Tips for Best Performance of SAP BusinessObjects XI 3.1 on SAP NetWeaver BW
  • Integrating SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius and Web Intelligence reporting with SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP NetWeaver Portal
  • Kraft’s SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator Usage Decision Tree and Capacity Planning
  • How to Design and Deploy High Performing SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard Design (Xcelsius)
  • Embed and Integrate SAP BusinessObjects into Your Applications – Discover How To Save Time and Cost by Partnering with SAP
  • How to Deploy SAP BusinessObjects Mobile
  • SAP Business Objects BI Solutions Overview and Roadmap
  • Low-Power Memory: Enhancing TCO for Today’s Server Environments
  • Leveraging Live Office, Where Your Users Live
  • What’s New in SAP BusinessObjects XI 4.0 for SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise
  • Measuring Daily Health of Your Business Using SAP BusinessObjects Mobile
  • SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Performance Management Roadmap
  • Newell Rubbermaid SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Implementation Success and Lesson Learned

Sessions start at 8:00AM and run until 6:45PM, and there are generally at most two BI sessions in any given time slot. There are dozens of sessions going on at any given time, but from a pure BI perspective there are some hours where the choices are a bit weak. For example, two of today’s sessions are roadmaps, four are related to NetWeaver, and one sounds suspiciously like a sales pitch for SAP consulting. :) Seven of today’s BI sessions are offered by ASUG, one is from a partner, and the remainder are from SAP.

TechEd also offers two-hour sessions that offer a hands-on look at the products. Here are the BI sessions scheduled for today:

  • Learn and Practice the New Multi-source Semantic Layer Modeling
  • Learn and Practice the New Multidimensional Semantic Layer for SAP NetWeaver BW and OLAP Sources
  • Technical Deep-Dive into SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office
  • Two Hour, Hands-On Tour of the SAP BusinessObjects BI Solutions
  • Extending the Value of SAP BusinessObjects Spend Performance Management
  • Building Dashboards that Rock with SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard Design (Xcelsius)
  • Best Practices for Using SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence with SAP NetWeaver BW, Today and Tomorrow

And finally there is one extended (four-hour) session as well.

  • An Introduction to SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP NetWeaver

There continue to be discussions about whether there is a market or need for the SBOUC conference. I have often said that I favor the continuation of the separate conference, but basically what I am most concerned about is a continuation of the type and style of content delivered there. If the SBOUC conference were simply to disappear and nothing were done to enhance the offerings at TechEd I think that would be very disappointing. ASUG currently manages the SBOUC conference, and of course then already have a relationship with TechEd. As I mentioned above, they are providing a number of different sessions across different tracks including BI. If the content from SBOUC were moved to TechEd, would that be a benefit? Would it make it easier for folks to budget and decide which conference to go to if there was only one?

And given that, what is the point of the “Reporting 2010″ conference later this month, which I just found out about this morning? If SAP is so much in favor of combining SBOUC with TechEd, why are they hosting their own “reporting” conference as well? Apparently there are several different conferences that SAP hosts throughout the year that focus on a particular topic. Is it so hard to understand why BI deserves a separate conference?

A clarification: This is not an SAP-hosted event. It is hosted by a third party conference group. So while there are SAP speakers presenting at this conference, this is not an SAP event. My apologies for any confusion caused by my original post.

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One Response to “SAP TechEd Day 2”

  1. Comment by Graceanne

    Hi, Dave:

    I read your comments about topic-specific conferences with interest. The “Reporting, Planning, Analysis” and “Financials 2011″ events you reference above are independently produced by SAPinsider in cooperation with SAP, specifically in response to our readers’ requests for more topic-specific education. Our team agrees wholeheartedly with your assessment that BI is an important enough topic that it deserves its own event, and that is why we are producing “BI 2011″, March 15-18 in Las Vegas. The URL is http://www.bi2011.com. Program information should be posted by mid-November.

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