Jul 26 2010

Dueling Reporting Tools

Categories: 2010 SBOUC Dave Rathbun @ 9:53 am

I submitted several abstracts for consideration for the fall conference this year. The one I was the most excited about got accepted into the Webi/Deski track, and is called, “Discovery Versus Delivery: A Comparison of Client Reporting Tools.” Here is the formal track designation information.

Session Code: 603
Title: Discovery Versus Delivery: A Comparison of Client Reporting Tools
Day and Time: Tuesday, October 05, 2010, 1:30PM – 2:30PM

What is this talk about? A while back I wrote a post about a very short (single page) slide from SAP that shows how to pick which tool for a particular problem. For this presentation, Brian Durning and I will be doing a demonstration of strengths of two of the most important tools from BusinessObjects: Crystal and Web Intelligence. We plan to cover (and demonstrate!) several scenarios that should help show where the strengths of each tool lie. I will be covering Web Intelligence, and Brian Durning will be covering the Crystal side of the house.

It should be fun. 8-)

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4 Responses to “Dueling Reporting Tools”

  1. Comment by David

    Hi Dave,

    I caught your presentations earlier in Melbourne this year and thought they were great. Really keen to see what yourself and Brian come up with on the above topic though as it is a really pertanent question for my organisation (Historical Crystal environment with Webi only recently introduced). Will you be posting the presentation after delivery?

    Many Thanks

  2. Comment by Dave Rathbun

    Hi, David, thanks for your comment. Yes, I will be posting the presentation here. I will also be adding blog posts in an attempt provide the details that you might miss by not being at the conference in person.

  3. Comment by Sriraman


    Have you done any presentation in india? we are waiting for your presentation in india.But regarding presentation on tool priority will be excited one.You are doing great job



  4. Comment by Dave Rathbun

    I have not yet had the opportunity to travel to India, but thanks for the comments. :)

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