Jun 08 2010

Using ConnectInit For Teradata Query Banding

Categories: Database Techniques Dave Rathbun @ 11:27 am

There was a post opened recently on BOB asking about Teradata Query Banding. DBAs are always interested in knowing as much as they can about who is running a query, and query banding (think of banding a bird to track its flight patterns) does just that. In later versions of XI we have the BEGIN_SQL parameter that can be used for this. In XI R2 and earlier versions the BEGIN_SQL parameter does not exist, and the END_SQL parameter really isn’t appropriate. Can we still use this feature?

It turns out that earlier versions are still able to use this feature by plugging the proper syntax into the ConnectInit parameter, which is part of the connection definition process. Continue reading “Using ConnectInit For Teradata Query Banding”