Jun 05 2010

39 Hour Friday

Categories: General Dave Rathbun @ 4:53 pm

That’s what I had yesterday. And the day before. Which was also yesterday. Confused? I know I was when I got home.

I got up about 5:30 am local time in Australia. I was in the airport by 7:30 am, and checked in for my flight by 8 am. They had extra security checks… I got flagged. That meant I was pulled out of the boarding line and was one of the very last people to get on the plane. Which I was able to do by 10 am. We took off, flew over the Pacific Ocean, and landed in California at 10 am. That meant that I landed in LA before I had taken off in Australia. I guess getting to do Friday over (twice) made up for the fact that I lost my Saturday on the way out.

In any case, I got home safely and with some interesting tips and exciting memories from the Mastering BusinessObjects conference in Melbourne. The spring conference season is over (at least for me) so now it’s time to start planning for…

… summer vacation. :lol:

2 Responses to “39 Hour Friday”

  1. Comment by Dallas Marks

    Welcome home!

  2. Comment by Arjan Plessius

    Hi Dave,

    It was great to have you here in Australia for the conference and glad that you had a safe journey. Don’t you just love the date line.
    Anyway, I would love to keep talking about Managed Access restriction topic we discussed if you have time.

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