Mar 23 2010

Fixing Report Path For Adobe PDF Viewers

Categories: Universe Design Dave Rathbun @ 11:01 am

We are using the OpenDocument() function to “drill” from one document to another. In order to make report maintenance easier I have created some objects in the universe that contain the proper syntax for the URL required to access this function, as well as one that contains the report path. This way even if we change our folder names or structure I can change the universe and do not have to update every report on the project. This has worked very well for us.

Until my current project.

On this project the primary distribution channel was PDF sent via email. Our users said that the links were not working. And of course every time I tested by logging in to Infoview the links worked just fine. After further investigation by another team member, it seems that our Report Path (in the format [Folder],[Sub Folder] was being truncated at the comma. As a result, the OpenDocument() function was looking for the reports in [Folder] and ignoring the full path. That was a bit of a problem. Continue reading “Fixing Report Path For Adobe PDF Viewers”