Jan 27 2010

ASUG Volunteer Summit

Categories: GBN Dave Rathbun @ 12:13 am

I spent last Sunday and Monday in Atlanta. I didn’t see much of the city as I was holed up in a downtown hotel with 250 of my closest friends :) working on plans for ASUG’s coming year. There were a number of interesting things that came out of the meeting. I already posted about the location and dates for the fall conference. There are a few other tidbits that I wanted to share as well. In no particular order… Continue reading “ASUG Volunteer Summit”

Jan 24 2010

Fall 2010 Business Objects Dates and Location Announced

Categories: Conferences Dave Rathbun @ 9:17 am

I’m in Atlanta for the 2010 volunteer summit meeting for ASUG. One of the early announcements was the location and dates for the 2010 fall Business Objects conference. It will run from October 4 – 7 and will be hosted at the Dolphin Resort (near Walt Disney World) in Orlando, Florida.

Save the date. 8-)

Jan 22 2010

Behind On Comments…

Categories: General Dave Rathbun @ 10:12 am

Hi, folks, just wanted to let everyone know that I realize there are a number of comments or questions that have been piling up without responses. I’m a bit busy with work and preparing for the ASUG volunteer summit being held this weekend. I will catch up on comments and have some news about the GBN merger into ASUG and I hope some news about the fall Business Objects conference after this weekend.

Jan 04 2010

Calculation Context Part I: Overview

Categories: Calculation Context, Report Techniques Dave Rathbun @ 6:28 pm

One of the hardest concepts to explain when introducing new folks to Business Objects is context.

I now imagine blog readers who have been working with the tools for a while have started nodding their heads in agreement, only to stop and say, “Hey, wait a second, is Dave talking about universe contexts or report calculation contexts?”

And the answer is, of course, yes. :lol:

Both concepts can be quite complicated and take a while to fully understand. Since I have already written a number of blog posts about universe contexts I thought it was time to turn my attention to the report technique of calculation contexts. Note that this concept is used in Desktop Intelligence and Web Intelligence but not in Crystal. This post is intended to be an overview only. I have plans for a detailed post on each of the various context operators where I will go into much more depth. For this post my goal is to introduce the concept and provide some basic definitions. Continue reading “Calculation Context Part I: Overview”