Dec 25 2009

Happy Holidays

Categories: General Dave Rathbun @ 7:41 pm

It has been an interesting year. I got to attend more conferences this year than any other year before. I left one company and joined another. The GBN grew and then ultimately merged into ASUG. BOB grows ever closer to the next milestone (600,000 posts and 50,000 users). My BI blog (this site) has been running for eighteen months now, which some say is the average lifespan of a personal site or blog.

I’m not done yet. I’m done for this year, but I’ll see you again shortly. 8-)

Best wishes to you and yours during this holiday season.

4 Responses to “Happy Holidays”

  1. Comment by Rakesh K

    Hi Dave,

    Happy new year!!!

    Looking forward for your new adventures with business intelligence. Your blogs are awesome, thanks you so much.

    Best Regards,
    Rakesh K

  2. Comment by Balaji

    Hi Dave,

    Wish you a Happy New Year!!!!!


  3. Comment by Roland Bray


    Thank you for your valuable insight both here on your blog and on the BOB board. I find your knowledge and solutions very helpful.

    Regarding your speaking schedule for 2010, any plans to be in or near Kansas City, KS? I would appreciate the opportunity to attend one of your sessions (assuming it was a related topic to my job position).

    Thanks again for all you bring to the BOB community.


    aka REB01

  4. Comment by Dave Rathbun

    Hi, Roland, thanks for your comment. I don’t have anything in Kansas City on the horizon at the moment. Michael Welter used to get there periodically but I don’t know if he still does.

    Balaji, thank you also for your comment.

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