Oct 21 2009

GBN 2009 Day 3, It’s A Wrap

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I am tired. When conferences are outside of my home area (Dallas) I generally spend the days at the conference, the early evenings doing conference-related items, and the late evenings catching up on work. When the conference is here in Dallas, I spend the days at the conference, the early evenings doing conference-related items, the late evenings catching up on home stuff, and the even-later evenings catching up on work. I hope the conference is somewhere else next year, I’m exhausted. :)

Some highlights from my third day at the conference…

Webi 3.x Has Cool Stuff

I attended Sandy Brotje’s presentation called “What’s New for Me?” for my first session. I already knew quite a bit of what was new myself, but different people place emphasis on different features so I decided to see what she had to offer. I thought she did a great job of summarizing but also personalizing the new features that were important to her. I should send her a link to my blog post about losing an old friend because she didn’t know what the new measure icon was. ;)

Explorer… Again?

I went to a presentation by Dallas Marks (check out his blog if you haven’t already) about Explorer. He did a short demo (using eFashion, imagine that! :lol: ) but then went into the back-end process showing how to install it. I left a bit early because I ended the day with…

Recursive Data in Universes is Hard

… my final presentation of the conference. I am fairly certain I submitted a far more imaginative title, but what came back was “Universe Models for Recursive Data” instead. It was a bit misleading because only one of the four solutions I showed can be done completely in the universe, and it’s the weakest of the four solutions. I had a good crowd for the last session on the last day of the conference, they laughed at my recursive jokes, and I gave out a bunch of BOB hats.

Good times. 8-)

So what’s next? There was a slide being shown as a backdrop during the keynote sessions that asked a question about whether there would be a Business Objects focused conference next year, and the answer provided was apparently a bit confusing. My understanding is that there will be a conference next year like this year (and prior years) but under the ASUG name. Since GBN is merging into ASUG it will no longer be the GBN Annual Conference but something similar with ASUG in front instead. I hope we can get more details out about this soon (like dates and the location) and will post here as soon as I hear anything concrete.

2 Responses to “GBN 2009 Day 3, It’s A Wrap”

  1. Comment by Dallas Marks


    Maybe next year you can pass out some of those world-famous Dave Rathbun chocolate chip cookies, too. Thanks for dropping by my presentations!


  2. Comment by Dave Rathbun

    Mmmm, cookies… does your browser accept them?

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