Oct 14 2009

SAP Tech Ed 2009 – Day 1

Categories: 2009 SAP TechEd Dave Rathbun @ 11:50 am

Yesterday was the first day of Tech Ed 2009. I didn’t attend a lot of specific sessions but had some good conversations with various folks. The main presentation that I did attend was the “roadmap” for the BI products. Nothing too surprising… Crystal and Web Intelligence and Xcelsius featured prominently and Deski was not mentioned even as a legacy product. It’s like they didn’t want to acknowledge that it exists today. There was talk about a “common semantic layer” which is going to involve something new in the universe arena, but they were fairly quiet about specific details.

I was looking forward to the Demo Jam again this year but that got trumped by a dinner invitation. I will make up for it by attending the “Insight Night” tonight instead, which is more specific to the BI products.

Not much more to say right now, more to come later.

2 Responses to “SAP Tech Ed 2009 – Day 1”

  1. Comment by Andreas

    Have fun, try to get with Ingo Hilgefort (SAP employee as well as SAP mentor) regarding BusinessObjects Integration w/ SAP BW :)

  2. Comment by Dave Rathbun

    Ingo just stopped by the table I was sitting at to say “Hi” but we didn’t chat. I’m attending one of his sessions later in the week.

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