Aug 01 2009

News Post – Introducing the Dagira Group

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I am proud to introduce the Dagira Group. *sound of crickets chirping*

What the heck is the Dagira Group? Astute readers (and that would be all of them, far be it from me to think anything less :) ) will recognize that “dagira” is the domain name for my blog. At the moment the “group” is relatively exclusive, as it consists of exactly one person.


Why is that?

Fastback Plus Cover
Here is something I don’t get to say very often… I resigned from my job yesterday. :) In over twenty years I have only worked for three different companies. In the late 80’s I started in the technical support department of a software company named Fifth Generation Systems and eventually made my way into the IT group there. They made the top-selling personal computer backup program called Fastback, later followed by Fastback Plus. Yes, that is a highly-collectable still shrink-wrapped package from my computer museum that I have scanned and posted. (I say “museum”, my wife says “junk”, but to each their own, right?) :lol:

I worked for Fifth Generation Systems until 1992. At that point I moved to Dallas to join a consulting firm where I continued to work until the end of 1994. I joined Integra Solutions and started learning Business Objects in January of 1995. That was a long time ago. :) In 2007 Integra Solutions merged with Quorum Business Solutions but I’m going to still count that as one company.

So that means from 1988 to 2009 I only worked for three companies. What’s next?

First I am going to take some time off, as I already had some vacation scheduled. (I am going to get out of this Texas heat and go somewhere much cooler.) When I come back, I have some preliminary ideas about a universe review service that I would like to offer, as well as some other things that have been floating around in my brain for a while. I will be posting more details as they get finalized. I will still be doing the presentations that I was selected for at the GBN conference coming this fall, and I will continue to remain active on BOB. Those things won’t change.

The services that I have in mind will be provided by a new company named the Dagira Group, and ultimately this blog site will contain more information about the services that I hope to offer.

So as I said earlier in this post, I am proud to introduce the Dagira Group. *sound of much applause*

There, that was better. 8-)

By the way, I have several blog posts written up and scheduled to be published while I am on vacation. You’ll never even know I am gone.

25 Responses to “News Post – Introducing the Dagira Group”

  1. Comment by Charles Davies

    Best of luck on your new venture Dave, and have a nice vacation.

    I’m looking forward to what Dagira Group has to offer, and I hope to meet you in Dallas in October.


  2. Comment by Jamie Oswald

    Congrats, Dave.

    Long live the new Dagira…

  3. Comment by Sandor

    Congratulations, Dave. I’m sure it’ll be succes.

  4. Comment by Josh Fletcher

    Good luck with the Dagira Group Dave, I’m also interested to see what you will offer.

    Kind regards, Josh Fletcher

  5. Comment by Jansi

    Dave’s new venture!!!! I wish a great success to be yours, as always!!! Have a great vacation… Enjoy and please come back with some pictures as you did during the Sydney trip.


  6. Comment by Andreas

    All the best, Dave, on your new endeavour!

  7. Comment by Coy

    Hey Dave,

    I’m glad to see that you are starting up something new. I’d love to chat with you about what you are thinking and learn more about the Universe Review Service. Let me know if you have some time to chat.


  8. Comment by Deanna

    Have a great vacation! drop me a email so we can keep in touch

  9. Comment by Marek

    Good luck in your new endeavors and challenges!

  10. Comment by Vajravelu

    This is a great step!. Good Luck !

  11. Comment by Maloy

    All the best with the ‘Dagira Group’! I’m sure as always you’ll continue to provide solutions to everyday issues BO developers face and the best practices you’ve presented at the conferences. And of course, you’re still there at BOB!

  12. Comment by James Halligan

    Good Luck Dave…all the best

  13. Comment by Arjun

    All the best Dave…

  14. Comment by Aravind

    enjoy your vacation, all the best for Dagira Group

  15. Comment by Mitra

    Wow! I am jealous. I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska but definitely not in summer. I prefer to be there in winter. I like it real cold, you know that! If you get to spend sometime in Vancouver, may I suggest a dinner at “A kettle of fish” ( We have enjoyed very nice dinners there.

    Best of luck with your new adventure also. Keep in touch,


  16. Comment by Chuck

    Good luck “Universe Man”-

    While you are on the bench ponder the power of nested “@DerivedTable”…and the use of Oracle Analytics functions. In the past all the report writer conditions are place AFTER the derived SQL and joins to non-derived tables. So if you use an Analytic function (which is determined in the result set – you can not use this Result Object as a condition object. Now, we can …the conditions get applied to the first derived table and then used as a in-line table to the second derived table. Now I can return the most recent past event etc (based on the conditions provided) ….nesting the considtions providedby the user with your derived SQL ….the possibilities are unlimited.

  17. Comment by David

    Good luck my friend!

    you can do it, oh and if your going somewhere cold come up to montreal I’ll give you a tour, it’s always cooler than Dallas!!

  18. Comment by Tom

    Good Luck !

    Wow… Fastback II brings back a lot of memories, my father had bought this for his Mac and I was ofcourse the one who had to install it :o )

    I still remember the cover with the cheetah !

  19. Comment by Indu

    All the Very Best Dave.
    Am sure your venture would be a great success too.


  20. Comment by Mak 1

    Good Luck with this Dave!

    I never regretted going independant, myself, being going on 7+ years now :) !

    Enjoy your holiday!



  21. Comment by Susan Jung

    Our company needs a BO guru like yourself to help us in the rollout of XIR3 from 6.1b. I have been impressed by your responses on BOB and have attended some of your seminars at BO conferences.

    We need someone to review our rollout strategy as well as help us with answers to: we used to do it this way in 6.1b and in XI, we now do it this way. For instance, we used to have complex report filters and now we no longer have this. What is the workaround, etc. Also, having massive pain converting 700 user reports via the converter: we still end up having to fix formatting and formulas for most of the reports.

    If you are interested and available, I can go into more detail. We are located in Washington, DC. The assignment would be for 1-2 months starting as soon as you can get here.

  22. Comment by Dave Rathbun

    Hi, Susan, and thank you very much for considering me. However at this point I have joined PepsiCo in a BI Architect position and am not looking for consulting opportunities.

  23. Comment by Susan Jung

    Good luck in your new position. They are the luckiest company in the world.

  24. Comment by steve robinson

    Hi Dave,

    I used to make extensive use of the library material on the Integra/Quorum website for internal training purposes on BO 6.5?

    Is the non copyright material still available? If not it would be great if you could provide some links here

  25. Comment by Dave Rathbun

    Steve, welcome and thanks for your comment. I have all of my original conference presentations and will be uploading them to my conferences page as I get time. Was there something specific you were looking for? If it wasn’t one of my papers / presentations I might still be able to let you know where you can point folks.

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