Jul 27 2009

ZEN and the ART of Universe Design Presentation Posted

Categories: Fan / Chasm Trap, Universe Contexts, Universe Design Dave Rathbun @ 7:39 am

I did a fun presentation (at least I had fun) at the New York user group a few years back. I found the original download package and have posted it on the presentations page on this site. The download package includes the presentation in Adobe PDF format, several universes, some Microsoft Access database files, some sample reports… basically everything you need to go through the slides and review the examples.

There is a “readme” file that contains notes on how to get everything working. The reports and universes were originally built in version 5, but should be usable in any current version (up through XI 3.1 as I type this). The demonstration reports were all built in Desktop Intelligence.

5 Responses to “ZEN and the ART of Universe Design Presentation Posted”

  1. Comment by Chris

    I was there for that great presentation! The RATs! :) Thanks for posting it

  2. Comment by Dave Rathbun

    Hi, Chris, I know you were there. :P

    This presentation was nicely packaged and ready to post. I do plan to go back and get more of my old stuff copied over to my blog, but some of them need some clean-up work before I do.

  3. Comment by Aravind

    I feel very fortunate to know about his site.I am much of a self-learner in BO,being a self-learner i would have always doubts and questions,and thanks to your blog,i have learned a lot.Thanks.But,i couldnt able to download any of the downloads on the presentations page,i dont know why,can you help me on that one please.

  4. Comment by Dave Rathbun

    I tested all of the download links last night and they all worked. Perhaps you need to try from a different Internet connection, if you were using a proxy it may have blocked the download for some reason.

  5. Comment by Shiva

    Hi Dave,

    I posted this question on the BOB forum few days back but i did not get any response. So i just thought if i can get some help from here.

    Currently i’m working on BO XI R2 SP5. I saw something while working on Linked universes, I could not understand why it is happening.

    I’ve 6 Universes U, U1, U2, U3, U4, U5

    U1 to U5 all are derived and U is the master universe.

    1. When I open the the parameters tab under the file>parameters of U (master universe) I see each parameter appearing twice.
    and so on…..

    2. My universe U is using a connection named “U” and referring to a schema “U” in oracle database. and similarly all the child universes have their own connections and schema U1…. U5

    Now when i update the master Universe U i see the changes in all U1 to U5.
    but when I create an object and try to test the object then the object is not displaying any data.
    The join looks fine, The cardinality is properly set, Object is mapped to the right column, the object condition looks right, the data is present in the database.

    Kindly suggest what could be the problem.

    Any help would be deeply appreciated.

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