Jul 25 2009

News Post – July 2009

Categories: 2009 GBN - Dallas, General Dave Rathbun @ 11:12 am

There are so many things going on; I don’t know where to start. Some of the events are more global than others.

  • XI 3.1 SP2 has been released. Dallas Marks has already provided details about the release. Tom Nather also posted that it’s lacking some fix packs.
  • I just finished going through an Xcelsius training class. Expect to see some blog posts on it soon. :)
  • DFW local user group meeting is coming up on Tuesday. I was scheduled to present but they moved the date which left me with a conflict. Now I don’t have a conflict, so I get to go.
    DFW BOUG Logo
  • Voting for the 2009 BOB Member of the Year will open shortly. I have to finish checking the nominations and get the voting page ready to go. BOB members that have been registered for more than 90 days can vote.
  • “Early Bird” registration for the 2009 GBN Annual Conference in Dallas expires on August 21st. You don’t want to miss “Return of the Variables” do you? :)
    2009 GBN Annual Conference Logo

There is more potential news to come, but that’s what I have for now. I am also going to be taking some vacation soon. Don’t worry, I have some blog posts scheduled to come out while I’m gone so you can carry on without me. 8-)

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