May 30 2009

Mastering Business Objects 2009 Review

Categories: 2009 Mastering ... - Sydney Dave Rathbun @ 10:53 am

I’m back in Dallas… finally. I started my day getting to the airport about 9:00 AM Friday morning in Sydney, and ended the day at about 9:00 PM Friday evening in Dallas. That’s 12 hours + 15 hour time difference or 27 total hours travelling. :shock: It didn’t help that my flight departing Sydney was delayed because it took several hours to replace some batteries on the plane, which ultimately resulted in a missed connection in Los Angeles.

Other than that, the conference was wonderful. I got to meet some long-standing BOB members (and give out some hats!) which I always enjoy. The conference was small compared to the US conferences that I have been to, but that just made it all the more intimate. Despite the time difference (15 hours as mentioned earlier) I had zero issues with jet lag. As regular BOB readers probably know, I don’t keep a consistent sleep schedule, so travelling often does not affect me as much. The conference management team (Eventful Management) was incredible and did everything they could to make me feel welcome and appreciated.

I got to catch up a bit with Timo Elliott (read his comments about the event) and found out that he’s an avid surfer. I also went surfing, believe it or not. I think one of the other surfers (obviously a regular) summed it up best when he said, “Just try to stay out of the way…” :lol:

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