May 26 2009

Down Under Nearly Over

Categories: 2009 Mastering ... - Sydney Dave Rathbun @ 8:45 pm

The “Mastering Business Objects” conference ended last night, and I do intend to share some tidbits from the conference once I get home. I do want to say that the staff managing the conference did a wonderful job of making me feel comfortable and appreciated. The conference was small, but I would prefer the term intimate as it really felt like everyone got to talk to everyone else. I’ll share some more stories later.

4 Responses to “Down Under Nearly Over”

  1. Comment by Josh Fletcher

    I had a fantastic time too, and it was great to finally meet you.

    I thought I’d remind you on here – can we start a GBN SIG around Universe Designer? I’d love to be part of that SIG..

    Cheers, Josh

  2. Comment by Peter O'Donnell

    Just wanted to say that it was really nice to meet you and to thank you for your great keynote. I hope you had a good time in Australia (and that you’ll come back).

    I was astonished also at how much time you willing gave people. Was just wonderful that every time I walked past speaker’s corner you were there, with a captivated audience, patiently answering their questions. I know your time and effort was really appreciated by everybody.

    Look forward to meeting you again some day. Stay well.


  3. Comment by Michael Chang

    Great to have finally met you in person and attended your exceptional track sessions. Your “time slice” won’t be easily forgotten! Hope you enjoyed your first trip to Australia.

    Cheers, Michael

  4. Comment by Rakesh_K

    Hi Dave,

    I am from India, Any conference in India will be held in near future?

    Or from somewhere I can get recording of these sessions.

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