Apr 16 2009

Java Memory Errors During Data Provider Updates in Web Intelligence

Categories: General, Web Intelligence Dave Rathbun @ 5:00 pm

Changing Data Providers in Complex Reports

We have some fairly complex reports at my current client. Of course the word “complex” is not very clear; what is simple to me might be complex to someone else. So let me quantify what I mean by “complex” in this case. The report in question has multiple data provders. Each data provider generates multi-pass SQL because of contexts. Altogether there are 29 data providers with an overall total of over 100 SQL passes. :shock: That’s what I mean by a “complex” report, and I think most folks would agree with that assessment.

The challenge is that for this (and other) complex reports we have been encountering severe issues. In some cases we are unable to edit the queries without restarting our browser session. We also have encountered a number of problems during the process of repointing the document from one universe (development) to another (user acceptance testing) within the same environment. Continue reading “Java Memory Errors During Data Provider Updates in Web Intelligence”