Sep 23 2008

Dynamic Dates Part V: More Databases

Categories: Dynamic Dates, Universe Design Dave Rathbun @ 7:30 am

Some time back I posted a series of articles describing how to create “dynamic date” objects based off of the current system date. For examples I used the Oracle database. This post simply contains a collection of links that I have found to references for date/time functions for other databases. I hope it will be useful.

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One Response to “Dynamic Dates Part V: More Databases”

  1. Comment by Dave

    Hi Dave,

    We have just gone live on SAP BW and have been using BOE for 4 yrs now. The SI partner is reluctant to use Webi on top of SAP BW 7.0. They would like to go with their cookie cutter method of BEx analyzer, but since we are new to BW we would like to start off with the strategic tool SAP recommends. One important issue our SI has brought to our attention is how to create the dynamic dates for scheduling Webi reports based on the SAP BW universes. As you know, SAP BW uses OLAP MDX query language and they do not know how to create these date objects in the universe. Being that you are the expert on creating solutions with dynamic date objects / filters with @prompt, do you have any suggestions on how to accomplish this with an OLAP MDX data provider (namely SAP BW 7.0)? We have Enhancement Pack 1 on BW 7.0 and we have just installed SP2 & FP 2.1 for BOE & SAP Int Kit. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


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