Sep 16 2008

I’m Tweeting

Categories: General Dave Rathbun @ 10:53 pm

One of the things I noticed a lot of the “cool kids” using at SAP TechEd was Twitter. Twitter is an interesting and seemingly useless :lol: web service that allows you to post one to two line bits of text telling anyone who is interested what you are doing at exactly that moment. If you are interested, you can “follow” another persons twitter or their “tweets” as each entry is called. Wikipedia (and other sources) call it a “micro blog” because it lets a person post something (like a blog) but in very small bytes (pun intended).

Wiki also says that as of July of 2008 there were over two million accounts registered. :shock:

One of the reasons I decided to sign up was to see how it felt to use it. There are certain things that I use now that are part of the way I do things. For example, blogging has become easier because I see blog topics all the time. (This isn’t my only blog, so it gives me a wide range of subjects to talk about.) One of the sessions that I found the most interesting at TechEd was ESME (Enterprise Social Messaging Experiment). The folks behind that project are trying to see if a twitter-like function can be used within the enterprise. They’re expanding the service so that instead of just following a person you can also follow certain keywords or topics. Think of it as slightly slower than instant messages but faster and more succinct than email.

In any case, I figured that I would try it out. There is a twitter feed on the sidebar of this blog, and there is a URL that you can use to check in and see what I’m having for dinner, or whatever I am doing at that exact moment in time. Within reason, of course. :)

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