Sep 12 2008

SAP TechEd Day … Something. Where Am I Again?

Categories: 2008 SAP TechEd Dave Rathbun @ 10:54 am

Wow, a five day conference (more specifically four days + Community Day) makes for a long week. Yesterday I had lunch with Giles Farrow (from Business Objects an SAP Company). Those that have been speakers in the past might recognize his name as he has been the coordinator for the Insight conferences these past few years. Giles used to work for Guinness (the beer company, not the book of records people) and tells some interesting stories. It was nice to catch up with him.

After lunch I went to the Community Clubhouse where I talked with Brian Bischof for a while. I had been introduced to Brian the night before; he is a well-known author, having published several books on Crystal Reports. He also has a series of articles on his web site (end of post for link) that talk about his experiences with self-publishing that I found very enlightening. I enjoyed the talk.

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