May 19 2008

SAPPHIRE Day 1 Part 1

Categories: 2008 SAPPHIRE (Europe), Conferences Dave Rathbun @ 6:36 am

So far I’ve been to the general session and one track session. I was wondering how the logistics were going to work with SAPPHIRE and the number of people here… it worked out fairly well. Once the main room filled out they sent overflow people to the “theaters” which are located throughout the conference facility. It was a good presentation; they showed some nice integration between SAP and various Business Objects (or other) products, and according to the presenters these are technologies that are available right here, right now. Meaning they’re not future integrations, they’re already here.

There was also plenty of new stuff (or so it seemed) for the SAP folks in the same presentation.

I also managed to track down one of the folks that has been responsible for the Insight conferences in the past and tried to confirm the information going around (or lack of information :lol: ) regarding the fall Insight conference. At this point he could not formally confirm anything, so I guess we’re still in the dark at least for a while. I know that there have been some announcements regarding a fall conference in Dallas, and we did talk about that. Essentially I got the “can neither confirm nor deny those allegations” sort of remarks. :)

The conference overall is huge, of course. But it’s relatively easy to find the Business Objects wing and hang out there. I’ll try to post more details about the track sessions and other information as I have time (and laptop battery) to do so.

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