Oct 19 2007

Back From Orlando

Categories: Conferences Dave Rathbun @ 9:40 am

I arrived home in Dallas from the conference late last night and now can start trying to catch up on all of the work that accrued while I was gone. I should be ready to start blogging again in a few days.

I did mention at the conference that I was going to post my presentations here on my blog, and I certainly plan to do that. My original plan had been to include each presentation in a post and then open those posts up for comments or questions. In reviewing that idea I am now thinking of taking a different approach, and I would appreciate any feedback on what might work better.

First idea is to do what I just wrote… posting the presentation and taking any questions or comments on the entire session. The second idea that I had was to post the presentations on a special page (rather than on a blog post) and then do a blog post about each major topic from the presentation. So I would blog about Index Awareness, then Shortcut Joins, and so on. This seems to me to have the advantage that the questions or comments would be more focused on a specific topic rather than being about any of the techniques that I demonstrated.

Doing separate posts would also allow me to experiment more with the podcast features that I had hoped to implement. The presentations would be posted on a Downloads page that would appear on the Pages area of the blog (see the top-right corner of the page and you will see what I am talking about).

At this time I am in favor of option 2; posting the presentations on a dedicated page and then blogging about each individual subject in more detail.


It seemed that more than a few folks were disappointed that I did not dress up in a ninja costume for my presentation… :-P

5 Responses to “Back From Orlando”

  1. Comment by Irfan

    I am waiting Dave, common post it…. and thanks in advance for sharing… you are the best.

  2. Comment by Marek Chladny

    Hi Dave. Your 2 Ninja presentations were really good. I liked them a lot and I also learned a lot. Thank you.

    My personal opinion is that blogging on each topic from your 2 presentations would give you much more space for explaining everything in more details (if you intend to do so) than to do that in the comments. So I like more the second option.

    (regarding the ninja costume – you can do that next year in Ninja III and Ninja IV :-) )

  3. Comment by Anita Craig

    Definately blog on each topic separately!

  4. Comment by dj06482

    My vote is for breaking out the topics into separate blogs…

  5. Comment by Dave Rathbun

    So it seems that all of the votes are for separate posts per presentation topic, so that’s the way it will be. :)

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