Jul 31 2007

Alerters On Charts Part II

Categories: Report Techniques, Variables!, Web Intelligence Dave Rathbun @ 1:16 pm

The Challenge

In a previous post I showed a way to create the illusion of an alerter on a chart using the full client product. In this post I will reuse the same technique with a slight twist so that it works in Web Intelligence as well. If you have not already read Part I please do so first so you will be familiar with the basic steps for this technique.

Here is a summary of the steps that I used to solve this in Business Objects:

  • Create two versions of the chart: one green and one red
  • Create a variable that shows the trend of the data
  • Use the Hide Block feature of Business Objects to keep one of the charts from being displayed
  • Position both charts in exactly the same space, providing the illusion that the chart is changing colors based on the data

This is all fine… but Web Intelligence does not have the “hide block” feature. So how do I solve this issue?

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