Jun 30 2007

Yet another blog…

Categories: General Dave Rathbun @ 1:50 am

I already have a couple of blogs. Why start another one? Well, it is just so darned easy. :-D And I believe that by having separate blogs for separate reasons it becomes easier to build an audience. So if you are here you have probably followed a link from the collective known as BOB and you’re looking for stuff related to Business Objects. If so, you’ve found the right place.

I plan to post technical tips and podcasts that are related primarily to working with universe design and building reports, as that’s where my primary interest is.

So whoever you are, and wherever you have arrived from, welcome. 8-)

— Dave Rathbun

10 Responses to “Yet another blog…”

  1. Comment by JayDeeJaye


  2. Comment by Dave Rathbun

    yay, someone gets the joke! :-D

  3. Comment by Irfan

    You are the best…. Its really nice to see a blog like this, where I can come and learn more… BO stuff.

    Keep it up Dave.

  4. Comment by Dave Rathbun

    Hi, Irfan, thank you for your comment. I hope that you find the future content that I have planned useful.

  5. Comment by Mark Anscomb

    Dave, Always enjoyed both your BOB forum contributions and your Integra website papers..Keep it up,
    Cheers, Mark.

  6. Comment by Dave Rathbun

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, Mark.

    One of the questions I get quite a bit is along the lines of don’t I ever sleep? The answer is, “Not much” :-D

  7. Comment by Mark Anscomb

    Well, I can believe that!
    As I’m currently contracting for the great ol’ mothership – I don’t sleep much either…..Mak 1 :D

  8. Comment by Marek Chladny

    to see your activities (BOB – all your posts as well as BOB administration and development; this personal blog; the photography page) – I always tended to think that many more people are hidden behind the pseudonym Dave Rathbun ;-)
    Just kidding, of course ;-)

  9. Comment by Mark Anscomb

    Marek, Its exactly as I suspected; “Dave Rathbun” is actually a pseudonym for a whole dedicated Business Objects team / religion, no wonder he always has so much time on his hands….;)

  10. Comment by Dave Rathbun

    No, it’s just me. And me. (And ME!) Shut up, you, you’re breaking our vow of secrecy. No, I won’t shut up, I have been held back too long! I must…

    Oh, look! A butterfly!

    Besides the sites you list, I also have another board / blog combination related to the phpBB software used to run BOB. I have another private blog just for family, and yet another blog that is in the works as I am converting an existing static site into something more dynamic.

    I just needed something to fill out the rest of my time. :-P

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